Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Go Daddy Review.

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Go Daddy is the giant of the web hosting service industry, many times larger than any other domain registrar. They service upwards of 45 million domain names and the number is on the rise. They definitely know what they are doing, and you can count on their service to be reliable and competent. They have some of the best domain searching features available – if a domain you want to purchase is no longer available, Go Daddy can put it on back order. They also provide a massive domain auction where the shortest, spiciest domain names are up for grabs. Because they have grown so large, you can also expect Go Daddy to be somewhat more commercially minded and less personal.

  This web hosting service has all the features you can imagine – email, database and blogging are only the beginning. No other web hosting service can match the breadth and depth of Go Daddy's feature set, which is a major reason that they have become such a prominent player. Don't expect to have access to all of these features with the basic package, however. Many features are contingent on additional monthly fees – the shopping cart software is a prime example. It is powerful, convenient and attractive, but you'll have to pay extra, and there is a cap on the number of items you can store in the inventory. If you want to expand, you'll have to pay more.
  The email and database features are likewise capped. If you want unlimited everything, the price tag might get a little bit steep. On the other hand, Go Daddy's à la carte menu can be an excellent fit if you don't need unlimited access to email and database. If you only purchase the services you will actually use, Go Daddy can be an economical service.
Go Daddy doesn't offer much in terms of storage space with their entry-level Economy Plan. Most small business websites aren’t likely to outgrow the 10GB allotment, but more ambitious pursuits will require an upgrade. The Deluxe Plan offers much more as far as features go, but there are still limits when it comes to storage space (150GB). Even the Unlimited Plan is a bit of a misnomer – you get as much storage and bandwidth as you want, but the databases are still limited to 1GB each and you only get 1,000 email addresses. In other words, Go Daddy is great for small to mid-sized ventures, but it might get a little tight if fortune smiles on your web property.


  Go Daddy helps beginners easily set up their site and offers additional site creation tools for advanced developers. All of Go Daddy’s solutions support several programming languages, including CGI (Python and Ruby), PHP, Perl, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion and FrontPage extensions.
Go Daddy leaves most marketing tools out of its low-priced website hosting plans. It does offer them in a different section of the website, which took a little investigating for us to find. Users who want to market their site through email will need to expand their efforts on their own once they hit the limit of 5,000 emails per year. For an additional charge, the service also offers SEO tools and search engine submission. Every Go Daddy plan includes site statistics information and raw access logs.

Ease of Use 

  Go Daddy is very easy to use. The file manager, domain manager and database manager are all fantastic. Online file managers are rarely so flexible. It does not do everything, but it is appealing to the eye and equipped with more than the standard array of features. Note that some things require setup time. If you wish to create a new database, for example, there is a delay that can take up to 24 hours.

Help and Support

  This web hosting service has a wide range of useful help and support options available, which are accessible at any hour of any day. The online support forums and FAQs section contain a wealth of knowledge for beginners and advanced users alike.
You can also contact Go Daddy’s customer service representatives on the phone or via email. This website hosting service is a large company, managing millions of domains for millions of users, so personal help would be expectedly slower than other services. However, Go Daddy’s support team is quick to respond, and the expected response time for emails is typically within 24 hours.
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